Sell your used Books and Media

Some things we frequently buy

Used Books

We buy all types of books but prefer Non-Fiction titles. Condition does effect value.

College Textbooks

We pay top dollar for recent College Textbooks. Condition does effect value.

Bulk & Liquidation Books

Have thousands of books to liquidate? We’ll buy them by the pound.

Got books?

Do you have books, CDs, or textbooks you no longer need or want? We might be interested in purchasing them. This is a great option for those who are moving, clearing out the contents of an estate, closing a store, or just books or media that you no longer want.

If you would like to sell your books, view our FAQ below for answers to commonly asked questions. Once you are finished, you may fill out our form at the bottom of the page or simply click the button below to jump there now.

In 2018 we are looking for consistent book vendors. We’re looking for books that aren’t ‘picked over’ and that we can buy by the pound. Here are a few examples of regular book vendors:

  • Book Stores with surplus inventory
  • Libraries with discards & weeds
  • Estate Sale Operators who want to get rid of their books
  • Thrift Stores with too much overflow

Sell your books